Holy shit. What a day.

First some background information: This weekend I decided to take a quick trip home from school to get a chipped tooth fixed. The drive (I’m in my 2005 MINI Cooper S) from Philly back to upstate NY went well enough with no real issues, a couple times while accelerating I thought the clutch felt light but it wasn’t anything too alarming. Anyways I get to the exit ramp to get home and I go to downshift and the clutch goes straight to the floor which is soon followed by a terrible grinding from me trying to get into 4th with no clutch. I get stopped fine and manage to slot into 2nd and speed shift into 3rd. I keep this up and am able to limp home, no more than 5 minutes away.

Once I’m home I call AAA for a tow and get the MINI to my preferred indie shop where we start discussing things and establish that its either one of the springs in the clutch that went or slave cylinder. Anyways my mechanic wont be able to look at the car until Tuesday or Wednesday so I need an alternate vehicle to get back to Philly. Fortunately in a family with almost twice as many cars as drivers this wasn’t too much of an issue, so I took my 2002 BMW 325ci back.


Now onto this morning: I get in the BMW after it sat all day yesterday and start it up with no issues. Anyways, after no more than a half mile the car seemed like the clutch was slipping as I was trying to accelerate but the tach wouldn’t make it past 2k. Soon after the car cut out entirely and left me stranded in the middle of the road. Great. Two cars cutting out on me in four days. I manage to get the car started again and somehow limp it the 5 miles to school with it cutting out frequently and having to restart numerous times.

After some forum searching I thought the fuel pump was the most likely culprit. Called around to a few stores and find one in stock for $260, almost $100 more than what it should cost but at that point I didn’t care. Got a friend to drive me to AutoZone to get the pump and an hour later I’m in the backseat of the BMW pulling out the rear bench. About another hour after messing around with the fuel pump, I’ve got the old one out and the new one in. Turn the ignition on and pray that I hear the pump turn on. It does. Now for the moment of truth, starting the car. It springs into life, like nothing ever happened. Thank the fucking lord.

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