I was looking at Hellcats tonight just for the hell of it. I can't believe the markup on these. I am not all surprised but holy hell, his is ridiculous. I built one on dodge.com completely optioned out and it came out to $67,555.

I found two on cars.com listed below MSRP, how in the hell do these places expect to sell them with a ridiculous markup when you buy them below MSRP.

$100,000 markup

$70,000 markup

$2000 below base MSRP

$1300 Below base MSRP

cars.com search if anyone is interested

By the way if I was to buy one it would be white, with the six speed, because that is how Kowalski would have wanted it. With nav, red interior, and the alcantara seats as the only options.

EDIT:I looked on the dealer websites it's not like the guy that puts the cars on cars.com f'ed up they are listed on the dealer websites for the same price. The $100,000 one doesn't even have a picture of an actual Hellcat it's an r/t.