I successfully bought a race car, you guys. It’s literally the worst, but it’s LITERALLY THE BEST.

It’s actually better than I thought, to tell the truth. The cage is good, it’s got a fuel cell, the tires are brand new, it even has an Optima Red Top battery.


They thought they may have scrapped the head, but there it is right where it ought to be. It’s an old style 22R (dual row timing chain), which is great because I can put a 20R head on it with little issue. It also already has a Holley (or at least Holley-style) 2bbl carb on it along with the adapter LC Engineering sells...so that saves me from having to buy a $350 carb and a $70 spacer.

So what does it need? A new radiator for sure, and the engine put back together. I’m going to use a 20R head, but I’m going to use the slightly larger 22R valves and put in a reground circle track cam along with new rocker arms and double valve springs. It’ll make okay power (I’m reading that 150-180 is possible with that combo, but the high end is probably with a wilder cam than I can use), but it’s more about building it reliable to me.

Anyway, that’s what’s going in my backyard later today. For now it can sit on a trailer out front and be marveled at by the neighborhood kids, which is fun. 

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