Toby was upset when we were gone. He chewed off some of his fur, and there was a little destruction at the house. He has been sticking to me like glue, demanding play and cuddles. I can oblige him.

We upgraded our seats on the flight from Frankfurt to SFO, and boy, does business class make all the difference (you can recline your seat flat and sleep).

They give your own personal cubby that you live in for the flight with a monitor in front of you. It was really nice, and made the 11 hour flight not so bad. Driving 3 hours home after landing kinda sucked, tho.


I am quickly attending to priority business with the purchase of this fusebox to replace the one in the engine bay of the Sunchaser. The plastic tab that secures the cover broke on mine, and the cover is missing.


I took an extra day off from work to recover from jet lag, and we are not sending the kids to school. I have a busy day, nonetheless, as I have errands to get done so I can bust my knuckles on the Vespa this afternoon. I hope all you Opponauts have a great day.