I rode the Vespa to the trainer today, which was the first time I had ridden it on the road in quite a while since buying the bike. It was a weird feeling after riding the bike so much lately. These are very different vehicles. Yes Oppo, after a high level liberal arts education, a juris doctor,and almost 20 years of practicing law, I have honed my analytical skills to such a fine edge that I can confirm that, in fact, a scooter and a motorcycle are different things.

Being the San Joaquin Valley, it was 75 degrees at 5:15 am, and I was reminded of why I love this silly little thing. My son wants to take it to UNT badly, and I am weakening. He will be taking the MSF class and getting his M1 endorsement this summer, and it seems like a perfect little vehicle for a jazz guitarist in Denton, Texas.


Love the bluing on this pipe that is part of the GPR exhaust that remains my favorite upgrade on the little scoot. I need to do the big bore and suspension upgrades in short order. Oppo, a decision needs to be made about the paint.

S you may have read in prior posts, I have been planning a paint and decal scheme for this bike that would make it look sharp. But the kid loves the rat Vespa aesthetic, and wants to keep the stickers. What I could do is just paint the unpainted plastic panels (the gray parts above) with black trim paint and let him have his rat scoot. I gave him Thunderbird restoration money for graduation, and that project will continue. Title appointment is Thursday at DMV before we fly to Dallas.

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