Home/Apartment repair advice sought

So I came home from a week out of town to find a whole in the ceiling of my shower, aparentantly due to water damage.

When the guy came over to fix it, I also mentioned the AC condensation had been dripping through that cover on the top right side of the picture, rather than the drain you see. Ultimately an unrelated issue (he agreed) but just wanted to see if he could fix it while he was there.


Anyway, he said the drain was clogged. But that the pipes were glued together, rather than just threaded, so he couldn’t blow out the blockage.

I wanted to ask y’all if y’all think I could clear out the drain by applying a vacuum to it. Like get a vacuum pump from AutoZone, find some tubing to get it to attach to the pipe and then suck the air out, and hopefully the blockage too.

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As for the hole. The guy said it was caused by a crack in the bath tub above me, which I guess is why they haven’t been back to my apartment yet. Which they’ve probably fixed by now.

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