The truck has been freed from its snowy prison. It got up to 34-ish today and the sun was shining all day. So, that helped.

In case you missed my first post, my truck’s four-wheel-drive quit yesterday and stranded me at work.

I got it home today. I really, really hope whatever is wrong with the four-wheel-drive is a cheap fix. Otherwise, I’m putting the truck up for sale. I don’t want to dump an excessive amount of money into it, not when I have a new car with a payment. And, I’m 95% sure I’m going to have to have sinus surgery this year. My sinuses are hell, and so is my health insurance.

As for the truck, I push the 4WD button and the light comes on behind the “4HI” button. I hear a click in the dash behind the switch but nothing else. I used to hear a sort of “clunk” under the truck and could feel the four-wheel-drive engage, but not as of yesterday. Sigh. My friend and I even returned to the truck to get my sinus medicine out of it, and we tested the four-wheel-drive.


Push button, nothing. Press gas, one rear wheel spins. Occasionally, both will spin. Otherwise, nada. It wouldn’t even move from its damn parking spot yesterday. Again, sigh. Tires are new Michelin XCX/APTs. There are four seventy pound sandbags in the bed. I did everything I knew how to do in order to increase snow traction. And I had about 87 other S10 owners on Facebook telling me their two-wheel-drive S10s handle snow just fine.

I finally told them that if I could navigate ten inches of snow in a Mazda3 hatchback with no problem, it’s probably the truck’s fault that I got stuck in six inches of snow yesterday.