When I was in college I went to the gym 3x a week. Ever since then... not so much. These days my only real exercise comes from wrenching, which while good for the forearms and whatever muscles you use to crawl under the car, realize you left the tool somewhere else, and get back up, it doesn’t quite make up for sitting at a desk 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week.

My basement is partially finished, including a 10x12 room which was either used as some attempt at a bedroom or some sort of dungeon. In any case, it is a good candidate to set up a home gym in because I need more projects like I need a hole in the head.

I do have a cheap bench and barbell set, though it is of course still in my parent’s basement (it will make it here eventually). Otherwise it’s pretty much a blank slate. I intend to get some foam floor/mats to put down over the tile (cue harbor freight) and look for a set of dumbells. Maybe eventually I’ll find someone selling a cheap treadmill or exercise bike. I might even hang a heavy bag.

This may be the least interesting picture I’ve ever posted. Yes, that switch is about waist-height.

So, what does Oppo suggest? I’m looking for general input, as well as wondering if there is any reason not to buy the cheapest dumbbells I can find (seriously it’s just some cast iron).