Home Improvement

I have spent this week on “vacation.” This has actually meant meeting a lot of contractors to spend much money on my home. Below is my hatchet job of a MS Paint mockup of what it will look like after. The stone will look much more amazing, and I should really paste in some more complete walls.

Unfortunately, I expected budget creep of 30-50%, but it is now at 100%. As a result, we will likely get an expert to put a stone facade on the fireplace wall, and electrician to wire up for a TV mount, power and conduit, get a sweet white oak floating mantel courtesy of a co-worker’s side job/hobby, and get nice laminate flooring installed in almost the entire house. But all the green wall was to turn a trendy grey-white (and throughout the house), but that will have to wait, to get back to merely 80% over budget. Whew. We have no agreed to no interesting travel vacations in 2017 to help make even this possible.


Here is a before picture.

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