What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Let me set the scene: in my new old house, the washer took a crap in my second month living here. No fear! Home warranty (that I thought was a total sham) will be replacing it with a brand new base model front loader. Huzzah!

Now to my issue: the hole where the washer goes is in a tiny alcove that 1) is inconvenient with the current smaller washer and 2) we want to get rid of anyway to make the kitchen bigger. No fear, we have a huge basement.


The way the basement is plumbed, I have easy access to water and to a window to vent the dryer (concrete block basement, obv). Sewer drain sits at about 48-50”. This is what’s tripping me up, do I want to plumb the washer drain right into the sewer line (with appropriate air gaps, check valves, etc) or do I want to do the sink / pump combo that’s trendy in basement remodels now? The washer says it can pump up to 8’, so I have no fear that the washer can handle the height. Am I being dumb to not att the sink and pump (which is like $250 total?)?

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