Home now, but just spent 4 days in the NICU

Baby boy is healthy now, to start off with. He was technically full-term (by 1 day) but had some issues common to pre-term babies.


We had been discharged and returned to the pediatrician for our follow up the following day. They had some concerns and sent us downstairs to the ER, who was woefully unprepared for a newborn. Actual quote from the ER doctor: “Get me a baby doctor!”

We thankfully got re-admitted to the NICU and they had to monitor and IV him until the doctor said he could leave. A lot of things went in our favor, but that didn’t make it any less difficult.


At home, we were greeted with a sick toddler (of course), a broken kitchen faucet, and a suicidal microwave.

At least my son appears to be doing ok now. My wife is recovering well and is a certified super-hero after all she’s been able to do.


It's been emotional.

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