Home server question, PFA

Picture is an old parts truck I had circa 2009

So, my roommates just moved out, and I now have 2 extra rooms in my house. I’m going to be using one as an office and I’d like to get a server setup. I did have my old desktop shoved behind my media center in the living room but I literally haven’t touched it in... hrmm 2 years? Whenever it got packed up from my last move was the last time I really messed with that desktop, either way, it’s been sitting around for a while. As it stands right now I’ve got that desktop, an older i3 with 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD, nothing fancy, literally a $400 best buy special. My 2 laptops, one just got Ubuntu 16.04, and my one I use for work I need to keep win10 on. I can use the Ubuntu one for literally anything as it’s sat for close to a year now not being used until today. My network will have 2 more laptops, another desktop, 2 phones, a tablet, another tablet as a smart mirror, smart TV, chromecast, and probably a few more things I can’t remember right now.


What I want to do is set the i3 desktop up as a server, streaming media to the TV, backup storage, firewall service, IP masked torrent box, whatever. I’m curious as to what my options even are as I’ve never had a server before. I was thinking of running ubuntu or ubuntu server, as I’m more familiar with it than windows, and it should play nice with Mac and Windows being on the same network.

So, Oppo, any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

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