I am trying to clean up my upstairs living room TV area. This is my “nice” living room so my wife won’t let me go for a 7.2 surround sound and projector. I currently have a 55" inch TV/Vizio Soundbar/Sub setting on a cabinet from Ikea and a cable box below it. I was hoping to buy an A/V receiver and put it off to the side and mount the TV on the wall. My goal was to have one cable plus power to the TV and that the cables are obviously hidden behind drywall.

I want to hook my cable box, apple TV and other stuff to the AV receiver off to the side and hidden in a box or something. What do you guys recommend. I was hoping for a CHEAP AV receiver but i don’t know if it will work with my current sound bar, and I really don’t want to get a new $800 soundbar that works with a receiver. I really just want the receiver as a hub to clean everything up, quality isn’t the issue it is aesthetics. Do you guys have any other ideas?

Have a Fiat Dino, picture related because aesthetics