Homebuilt Airplane? Pfffft. This Is A 1/3 Scale B-17!

This seems right up the alley for our own Jason Torchinsky. OK... maybe if it were flown by a squid, or perhaps a giraffe.

It’s not remote controlled. Instead, it’s a 1/3 scale B-17, powered by four 60 HP two stroke engines, and boasting retracts and an estimated 110 knot cruise.


The Bally Bomber is based in Illinois, and is sure to cause a double-take at any fly-in. 

The cockpit does look a little snug for Jack Bally, who’s been building this masterpiece since 1999.


It’s been a while in coming to fruition... but it’s so tantalizingly close!

Check it out at TheBallyBomber.com.

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