Homemade pre-workout

Featuring fresh squeezed orange juice! Time to get back to it, oppo. My knee injury has been more mental than physical. There’s absolutely no reason I should have stopped working out entirely, and eating junk 24/7.

Anyways, here’s the preworkout I like.

5g creatine. Cheap as shit, none of that fancy “tri-malate creatine blend insert-buzzword-here”. One of the few supplements with a ton of research behind it, and no conclusive negative side affects. POSSIBLY more acne if water intake isn’t increased, but even that is far from a sure thing.


200mg caffeine. I’ve never drank coffee, ever. That said... After a year of caffeine pills I’m hooked. No longer used for working out, taken in the morning before work. At first I was so much more efficient with the boost, now I’m practically useless if I DON’T have any caffeine haha. I’ll be taking a week off to get my “normal functioning level” back to zero caffeine needed. Then probably just use caffeine for busting through plateaus in the gym.

BCCA’s. 4 grams for better recovery. I tried using beta alenine as well but it made me crash hard after workouts, and was rough on my digestive track. Nope nope nope.

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1. I don’t even remember why I added this, or how I decided on the serving size I use, but I trust my past self’s research enough to just go with it. Which is how I approach a lot of things! Can’t remember everything.

Strength, flexibility, and balance in equal measure. That’s the goal! And no more f*cking injuries.... What do you all do to stay in shape/stay sane/eat whatever you like without guilt, etc.?


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