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Homeownership: The Landscape Edition (A rant)

It was a beautiful weekend here, with the temps finally getting over the 70 degree mark, but not a single wrench nor tire was turned on the Camaro. Instead the weekend was spent fixing the really head scratching landscaping decisions made by the previous owners of our house. I mean I get that they couldn’t manage to not kill flowers so they planted trees but what kind of moron doesn’t account for those trees growing? Why plant trees 5 feet from each other? Ugh.

Between the sprinkler system pipes laying on top of the ground, sprinkler heads that are in no way located to get water to the areas that need watering, the trees planted right next to each other and the house/fence and the total lack of flower beds combined with a wife who loves to garden my weekends are full of doing fun things like digging trenches, buying and hauling dirt, and building raised beds. So much fun. But just when I start to think it would have been better to stay at our old house I look at the garage and remember that it’s all worth it. I think. Where’s the ibuprofen? 


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