Have the pics I promised. The wheels are now very gold indeed. Here are a few lists with the Twingo plans. All your advice and ideas are welcome, of course!

Long-term goals

  • Lower it
  • Get bigger and wider wheels. Maybe a tiny bit of stretch and poke.
  • JDM YO! plastic arches
  • Engine bay thorough clean and repaint
  • Add more speakers (currently has just 2 in the dash. A higher trim Twingo could have 2 more in the doors. I think I’ll add a sub, as well. If I can make it look tasteful) and replace the head unit. I need either bluetooth or an AUX or usb jack. This one has neither, just a CD player which skips on the tinyest (tiniest? Smallest.) of bumps.
  • huge mthrfcking cannon exhaust, IDGAF.
  • make it fast

Cosmetic plans:

  • Engine bay bits and pieces to gold or back to clean black
  • Badges to gold. The cool front one black/gold
  • The plastic grey bumpers sprayed with a bedliner-type material, if I can find something cheap and similar. Any ideas Europpos for a cheap solution?
  • Yellow plastic wrap on the foglights. FDM, YO!
  • Find EITHER a smaller antenna, OR a huge one, like a 70s US cop car would have, all the way across the roof to the back. Gold, whichever one it is.
  • Lose the license plate plastic holder and do the stick-on method. Or find nicer holders
  • some more gold trim, not sure what, where and when
  • add rear spoiler from the sport models
  • add front chin spoiler, or make my own using the garden rubber thing
  • custom metal mesh on the headlights. Like old Land Rovers had.
  • new steering wheel. a vintage Momo or Nardi. A fake one, obvs

The badge is the old-school 80s Renault logo. I glued the pins from the new badge over to this one and popped it in. It’ll become gold, too, once I figure out a reliable way to paint the inner stripes back to black after the gold.

List of faults, to be fixed soon, in no order:

  • Missing rear shelf
  • Front right fog light
  • Right speaker blown out and dead
  • Left speaker kinda working, but crinkly
  • rust on the left rocker panel(?) - the piece of structural bodywork/frame in front of the rear wheel. It can be pretty cheaply replaced with a new one and is a common problem on Twingos
  • right door can’t be opened from the inside
  • worn out CO2 sensor (this thing), which is currently making the car less fuel efficient.
  • worn out suspension bushings
  • needs a new oil pan. Previous owner welded the plug :/
  • license plate light dead
  • third brake light dead
  • interior light dead
  • turn signal indicator light dead
  • oh, the turn signals aren’t self canceling. Not sure if this is a Twingo default thing or just broken. This problem has become annoying when driving OTHER cars, because I’m now so used to canceling it myself
  • broken windshield washer fluid pump, or blocked pipes
  • broken electric left mirror
  • flaking rearview mirror
  • seatbelts retract super slowly
  • needs longer handbrake cable or tuning done to this one
  • fan on the front has bad bearings, it makes a terrifying sound when it turns on after some time in traffic
  • broken heater vent plastic

Stuff I’ve done to it since I got it last June:

  • new seat handles and pulls
  • fixed the trunk gas strut
  • repainted the 3 iconic vents a million times over. They were grey, black, french, black, and are now gold
  • refreshed the hubcaps while they were still on
  • repainted the steelies
  • added the missing rear wiper
  • changed air and fuel filter
  • loved it and cared for it
  • sprayed some underbody rust with a coating which should help stop it spreading
  • new tires, both winter and summer
  • fixed handbrake
  • resprayed rust spots all over
  • changed rear right drum brake cylinder
  • new old front badge
  • repainted and refreshed steelies and lug nuts
  • added blinker fluid
  • new floor mats

First to come, though, is a minor service. The fluids need to be changed, battery cleaned up or even replaced. Oh, and the gold logo on the bumper is to my friend and mine’s newly-opened graphic design practice. Check it out here. We’ll be cheap, remember the exchange rate ;D

More crappy phone pics inbound. I’ll make a proper photoshoot once I wash it.

dicey. I did the best I could when prepping the rusty wheels. I had a few friends over to help. We couldn’t be bothered to clean up ALL the rust bubbles from the outer rings, it was too much work.
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do when you don’t have a breaker bar or a pipe wide enough...
The tow hooks got painted, too.
Blurry night shot.

Thanks for your support guys. Oppo means the world to me.

Better pics after the photoshoot.

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