So I replaced the ABS Module with one from a salvage yard that they guaranteed good with 6 month warranty, cleared everything, did the neutral memorization, and now the code which returned is ABS 51-01.

Online I keep reading that it is an ABS pump motor failure/error, which seems possible, but My code reader gives me 11 possibilities if I understand it correctly, and that is 11 on the list. It’s an Innova 3150D reader.

Since I’m new to reading codes I’m not sure I understand this. 51-01 should mean the error is a code 51, and does the 01 mean that it is the first option on the list?

#1 is tire pressure sensor registration error. I don’t think I have tire pressure senors, or at least I haven’t ever found anything about it having them in the papers I have, or when I had new tires put on.

Do any of you have experience with this system, and could it be something else causing that code, but not creating the correct code?