Honda Accord Sport: Round 2

So awhile back I got really into the Accord Sport, I even had a little rant about it that managed to become something. Anyway I was having a great conversation on Twitter today with some folks about the Accord and Mazda 6 and I've decided to revisit this topic. I want to really love the 6, it looks sharp, it has great handling and nice features but it just doesn't do it for me. Let's look at some specs with the Accord 6MT: 0-60 in 6.6 seconds (Mazda does it in 8.2 that is just sad in my book). Sure the Mazda has better chassis/suspension tuning but not radically better. And you can pick up a brand-spanking-new Accord Sport 6MT for about 21,700 (MSRP 24,505). I can't help but think either Mazda needs to step it up a notch or the Honda Accord Sport is a very unappreciated car. So am I on to something or just plain crazy?


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