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Honda Accord vs. Honda Accord Comparo Part II

I am back for part 2 of the comparison of my 1994 Honda Accord EX Coupe to my wife's new 2013 Honda Accord Sport. For part 2, I'm comparing the interior and exterior dimensions of the two Accords.

If you missed part 1, the link is here. I did find two errors that I corrected. First off, my '94 Accord is actually sub-3000 pounds (woot!) at 2954 and not the 3020 I had listed. So, that means the pounds/horsepower drops from 20.83 to 20.37. It's a big change, I know. I also discovered the EPA estimates of the '94 Accord are actually 25/31 and not the 23/28 I had listed. So, this means my observed mileage is actually between the EPA estimates instead of above it at 29 mpg, and the '94 Accord's city mileage is actually higher than the '13 Accord's 24 mpg rating, which is very surprising.


Just as last time, I have the interior and exterior specs for both cars listed, the difference between them, and the percent increase/decrease. Before you ask the question, yes, I am comparing the '94 coupe to the '13 sedan. I did compare the '94 coupe and sedan dimensions, and the only differences were front legroom, which favored the coupe, and rear seat space, which favored the sedan. So, I thought I'd stick with comparing the two cars I actually own rather than the other versions of cars that I own. All dimensions are in inches cuz 'Merica.

Car1994 Honda Accord EX2013 Honda Accord SportDifferencePercent increase/(decrease)
Track, Front59.662.42.84.70%
Track, Rear59.
Min Ground Clear.6.35.8-0.5-7.94%
Curb weight2954326731310.60%
Weight Distribution61/3960/401/1
Fuel Tank1717.20.21.18%
Shoulder Room5658.62.64.64%
Shoulder Room53.556.535.61%
EPA Pass. Vol.88.5100.812.313.90%
EPA Cargo Vol.1315.82.821.54%
EPA ClassificationMid-size Full-size

What surprised me this time is that the new Accord sedan, at least by the numbers, does not dwarf the '94 coupe as I expected. Each exterior dimension is less than 10% bigger (except curb weight) despite the '13 Accord being in a bigger EPA class now. However, when you park the two next to each other like in the lead photo, the size difference seems much more drastic. I'm not sure if this is due to the taller hood height and trunk height, the higher belt line, or just the fact that every component, like headlights, grille, emblems, are significantly bigger on the new car.


Interior wise, the rear seat of the new Accord is absolutely cavernous. I, obviously, expected it to be bigger than the old coupe, but it is significantly bigger than a lot of the other cars we test drove like the new Mazda 6. It does make it nice for getting our toddler in and out. I will say, though, that the Hofmeister kink in the rear window does make it annoying to open the back door when parked in a tight spot. It sticks out so much farther than the rest of the door, and limits the opening so it can be a tight squeeze to get into the back seat.


I am really hoping the build quality of the 2013 Accord is as good as the ol' 94 Accord coupe. Despite being 19 years old with 284,000 miles, there are no squeezes or rattles to speak of, and the only signs of wear and tear are on the arm rests of the door panel. Only time will tell.


*Note: Only first pic is mine. I pulled rest off the internet.





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