Honda = Boring?

I was looking through the pics I took at the New York Auto Show this year. I realized that we took almost 0 pics of the Honda area. I know we walked through it because there is this pic of me sitting in the "Rest Stop" area of their display.Did they display anything interesting? Do they make anything interesting? I remember their being a giant outboard motor and a tent. The motor was taller than a persona and the tent looked so inviting to my exhausted body. In fact, in the pic above I was looking at the Mazda Miata area. I wasn't even looking at the Honda products while sitting in their rest area.

In stark contrast, the Kia and Hyundai displays were electric with activity and nice displays. In fact, my fiance's favorite car was the bright orange 2015 Sonata sport. I liked it too. The Kia area had some interesting cars as well.


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