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Honda COP conversion speculation cont'd

AEM sells this thing.

  • Bolt-on systems available for all distributed Chevy small block and big block engines, Ford 5.0L small blocks with EFI (1986-93), Ford 351 Windsor, 289 and 302 small block engines, and Honda B-, D-, H-, and F-series race engines
  • Very simple four-wire connection for easy installation (12V, ground, crank signal, and cam signal)
  • Output signal amplitude and waveform stay constant at all RPM
  • Shock absorbing elastomer drive system eliminates potential for ignition timing deviation and protects the EPM from vibration
  • 24-tooth crank, 1-tooth cam pattern per engine cycle for accurate timing and easy set up (Pattern available in cam/crank sensor wizard in AEMPro/AEMTuner/InfinityTuner)
  • EPM manufactured from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum

After talking to them on the phone, they told me I'd need either a replacement ECU (my plans for a future Microsquirt MS3 would be fine) and their coil driver or some smart coils. The most expensive part would be the ECU.


Now, looking at the specs of this thing...I'm not entirely as sure.

This guy over here (registration required) basically did something similar to the AEM setup - minus the optical sensing - with not much more than a simple circuit board:

It needs 3 inputs - ignition signal, CYP, and a start come from the ignition switch.

And it will output 4 individual ingnition signals to 4 COP. It also needs a power which will not be cut while cracking.


Hmm...that sure looks familiar.

Does anyone know how I can hack this together and run it from the stock ECU? I would be wiring it into an AEM Twin-Fire CDI, and then whatever coils. I need to get past this ECU challenge first so I can save myself $300 that I can't afford.


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