Lately I’ve been thinking about selling my Acura TSX in the spring for something similarly as reliable but a little more involved (read: a manual transmission).

I’ve been thinking about my options and came across the Honda Cr-Z, but I’ve noticed that it consistently gets panned on Jalopnik and I’m wondering why. I’m a fan of the styling, plus trademark Honda reliability combined with a hybrid drivetrain (that includes a six speed!) seems like a winning recipe to me. Is is because it got hyped up to be the spiritual successor to the famed Cr-X and fell short in it’s driving characteristics?


Also, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Looking for something semi-modern, manual transmission, low maintenance costs. Preferably a coupe, if possible. Will be 24 in January, so no real need for a 4-door. Also should mention I’m in MN, so winter capability might come into consideration (or I could just get a winter beater).

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