Still trying to figure out pictures, sorry Oppo. I have a big ole camera with a big card and there isn’t a slot on the computer for it. THIS SUNDAY I WILL HAVE PICTURES SO STAY TUNED! Do not miss out on the biggest event of the year on this great internet land of Oppositelock, pictures of a rusty old Honda. KEEP READING THERE’S A TWIST!

Okay, so I bought a radiator for it. I found it and it said it came right off a 1977 Honda CVCC. These parts are really hard to find so I jumped on it and bought it. It got here and I immediately knew it would be too big. And low and behold, it was way too big. So I threw a huge f-ing tantrum and made the neighbors dog mad and all that jazz. But then I thought, wait a second... I think I have a 1977 Honda CVCC right? The radiator says ‘77 CVCC right on it. But the one in my engine is much smaller.

So I walked around the back of my car. It has a Honda badge, and a Civic badge. No CVCC badge. Not even on the front like this one. So wait, do I have a 1.5 CVCC or a smaller 1.2 non CVCC? What’s going on?

So no CVCC badges! OH, and also the engine block doesn’t say CVCC like the other ones I had seen either. So, I thought, if I have a smaller radiator, a smaller engine would make sense, right? But I’m really not sure.


Now the glove box has been stuck shut since I got it. I took a needle nosed pliers and a tiny flat head and pried it open. Inside I found a book on tape, some sunscreen, a tiny screwdriver, the original shift knob, and the original book! The cover says 1977 Honda CVCC, so it was originally a CVCC. I flipped through the book and in the very back I found something very interesting. The car has 130,000 miles on it right? The car is from Portland it turns out! I always find things like that exciting, like how it ended up in Minnesota. Anyways, at 30,000, it had some major engine malfunction, and had a complete rebuild. At 70,000, it needed a new engine. It has a different engine than the one it rolled off the dealer with, BUT IT DOES NOT SAY WHAT IT IS. What can this mean? I’m not sure!

I heard something about the CVCC having an exhaust that curves around under the car, and the Civic having it straight back. It might be Visa Versa, I’m not sure. But mine has a curved exhaust. I’m going to pull the radiator and send it in to a rad shop I think. But a twist has happened none the less!


Any old Honda knowledge bits are greatly appreciated! Thanks again for reading!