Honda Dealer Recommended Over $1,000 in Repairs

So last night, my mom dropped off her 2006 Accord at the Honda dealership to have the airbag recall done. I dropped her off at the dealership this morning to pick it back up. When she came home and handed me the “Vehicle Inspection Sheet”, I couldn’t help but read it and laugh!

There were two additional sheets attached, with all of the services they recommend , as well as the estimates for each service. They recommended:


-Brake Fluid Flush - $204.63

-Cooling System Flush - $213.40

-Fuel System Cleaning (lol) - $212.88

-Power Steering Flush -$210.13

-Transmission Flush - $276.94

GRAND TOTAL: $1,1117.98

Of course she declined all of that, but it sucks knowing that people fall for this stuff all the time.

Brake fluid is still clean, coolant was done about 2 years ago, power steering fluid is still pretty clean, the transmission fluid is still clean & red, and the fuel system cleaning..... HAH! that’s a good one. This is exactly why we don’t take her car there anymore.

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