My 2006 Civic has had the same problems for 3-4 years now, I’m kindof sick of it and want it fixed. It doesn’t seem like something that should’ve taken this long.

My front speakers don’t work. The door speakers and the front tweeters make no noise whats so ever. Rear speakers work fine.

This had happened when my mom took the car to a John Mayer concert and someone broke into it (there is a crowbar dent in the door, glass was smashed but nothing was taken).

I’m not sure if this is related, but it could be, but my right turn signal doesn’t work when I unlock the car but when I use the turn signal or emergency lights, they do. (Sorry for the portrait style, i had to have one free hand and my phone is big)

Anybody an expert on 8th Gen Honda Civic wiring? Or any car wiring? I’m sure the speakers are not blown and this is a wiring problem.


Anybody know how much it will cost to get fixed? Is it a common problem? Is it simple, like plug came out and i just gotta put it back in, or much more complicated and I have to take it to Honda.

Any help is appreciated.