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Honda HR-V Rough Idle Questions

I have questions about my father in law’s high mileage (140,000km) automatic transmition HR-V. It’s a 2004 with a D16(W1?) and possibly a CVT.

It Idles rough when in Drive with the brake applied. The tach jumps up and down approximately 2 - 300 rpm, the whole car shakes, and it feels like it wants to shut off. Under heavy braking it will sometimes shut off.

But it only does this in Drive with the brake applied. In Park, Reverse or Neutral it idles just fine even with the brake applied.

Does anyone know what’s going on here and how to fix it? Internet search suggests a leak in the brake booster vacuum line. Could that cause this exact problem?


On a related note, could something like this cause problems with the O2 sensors as well?

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