Honda Needs to Get Into the RWD Coupe Segment Within 3 Years

Subaru has the BRZ. Scion has the FR-S. Nissan just announced the IDx. Kia just announced the GT4 Stinger. Ford still makes the base Mustang. Hyundai still has the Genesis Coupe. Where is Honda?


As many of you know, I currently drive a 2013 Civic LX sedan with an automatic. Although a very good and solid car, it isn’t very exciting to drive. It is however, a lease. So, in 33 months, I will be handing the keys back to the dealer. Naturally, being a car person, I am still thinking of what my next car will be. Lucky for me, when my lease is up, I will be turning 18. So, I will be able to get whatever car I want (hopefully two!). I’ve been considering how little I drive the Civic now. And mileage isn’t the issue. I get 12,000 a year and so far (I’ve owned it since October 31) it has 1386 miles. I am under the mileage gap. This means that, as long as I don’t drastically increase my mileage, when I return it, the car will have under 36,000 miles. I will get some money back because of this. This money of which I’d like to put towards another Honda. This is simply because I want to always have a reliable car. The second car can be the one that is my weekend fun machine.

By seeing the releases (or promised releases) from all of these great manufactures, it got me thinking. Where is Honda’s RWD sports coupe? Obviously there is a market if all of their competition is making something. Us Jalops do actually matter.

Honda used to fill this gap with the S2000. I loved that car. When my parents went to the dealer in 2006 to buy the Accord and Pilot, us kids roamed around the lot. Although I was much younger (about 8), my first car that I said was awesome in the dealership was this bright yellow S2000 convertible with the manual transmission. I begged the lady at the front desk to unlock it for me. She did. I spent a good half hour just sitting in this thing. When I went to get my Civic in October, there were no cars that jumped out at me. Nothing that begged for my attention. Sure, my Civic is nice, but I didn’t even feel the connection with it at first.


So, Honda, we are waiting. Please make it soon. Within the next three years to be precise. My lease is up in October of 2016 I need this car, whatever it may be, to be sitting on the lot in a bright obnoxious color with a manual transmission. I need to be pulled to it so on the day I hand in my Civic, I can leave with it instead. I know I’m not alone. I know people want these things. I’m not going to lie either, this new Nissan is really sharp. If it looks anything like the concept, that will be high on my list as a next car. And the Nissan dealer is right across the street from my Honda dealer, so the walk will not be a problem.

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