Honda Pilot And Other SUV Thoughts?

Since they haven’t made RT4WD Civic wagons in 24 years, my other half is looking for a decent mid-size SUV. She really likes the Ford Flex, but there are almost none available in my area, and the few I’ve found are way out her price range (around $35k max). The Honda Pilot is looking tempting as an alternative, and there are lots of those around, so we’re probably going to check one out today as an alternative. A king cab Tacoma is another possibility, but she’d prefer the flexibility of an SUV.

What are Oppo’s thoughts? What are we missing out on? Basically it needs to be big enough for her, me, her two boys and all the stuff that goes with them, able to carry everything we need to Pennsic (roof racks are a must for the large tent poles), and have enough towing capacity to pull a rally car behind it someday. Hey, if she’s going to spend this much money, let’s plan ahead.


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