Honda Prelude Type SH or Acura Integra GS-R

I am calling upon the Oppo Hondabro hivemind. Help me decide between the two 90s sport coupes. I really want to own one of these Hondas before they get too old.


Looking to get one for around $4-5k as a beater that I can drive around without care. Exterior condition can be beat up as long as it’s still mechanically good. I’m not looking for current cars on sale, just trying to gather more information from anyone who has experience with them.

Comparing the two, which one comes out on top in each of these factors?

In order of importance: Driving feel and engagement, ergonomics, nimbleness, engine sound, cost of maintenance.

Any selling points beyond these won’t matter to me since I don’t care about safety, comfort, theft-risk, or “DD-ability”, but which would be your pick?

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