The Buell has been stealing all of this little bike’s thunder! That’s about to change. :) Firstly, thank you again to the Oppo who is the reason for all of this. <3 <3

Between the bikes, I’ve already covered about 1,000 miles with the distance about equally divided. I love this little bike a lot, though admittedly I wish it were maybe a little faster. I’m not sure if I’m keeping the Rebel long term (especially if Decay sells his VTX1800 after salting it up) however I do at least want to fix it:

1) New tyres.

2) New tank.

3) Loosen the triple tree, straighten the bar.

4) Remove the saddle bags added by the PO.

If I do decide to keep it, my plan is to partially murder it out. All silver bits will become black, with some orange accents like the wheel spokes and levers.


The idea is to copy a “Night Rod” bike, but leave the Rebel’s brilliant orange paint intact.

In the meantime, I’ve completed my first task, removing those awful bags:





More adventures on two wheels await!