I’ve had my AP1 since November, daily-driving it during that period. I unfortunately have not made it to the autocross yet, as the opener was postponed last week. I went over some thoughts in my recent video review. The S2000 is a very engaging car in stock form as a daily, but here are some specific areas where it falls short.


The factory seats, excepting the CR edition, are smooth leather. They are moderately supportive, but the bolsters do collapse after a while, depending on how good you are at levitating yourself in and out. I find that I have to constantly readjust my seating position during general driving. It’s not too bad if you’re locked in against the dead pedal, but then again an ideal seat will provide some of that for you.

Soft top

This is probably true of convertibles in general, but the soft top is an Achilles’ Heel of this car. Obviously it’s a vulnerability to vandals. The plastic windows in the early model years tended to go opaque and crack, the elastic frame straps wear out and damages the fabric, the rain rail leaks and the drains clog. It’s a relatively expensive, difficult and time-consuming item to replace, at least before you get some experience with it.



Top up or down, there is a lot of road and wind noise at highway speeds. Some of this is probably worse because I have had the back of the car apart for a while, trying to track down a rain leak (see above!).


Parking lot maneuvers

With the top up, rearward visibility is atrocious, especially if you have a glass rear window. You’re pretty much blind backing out of parking spots and driveways. I’m not sure what it is about the turning circle, since it seems good on paper, but I find it’s hard to do tight maneuvers, and I need to sawtooth around to get into parking spots. It might just be the fact that the seat is farther back in the car than other things I’ve driven.


Non-issues you might have suspected

Ride and comfort on the stock suspension is not too bad; my 600-mile road trip bringing the car home was not a problem. The S2000 has plenty of mid-range power to get around town without sounding like a boy racer. Fuel economy in tame mixed driving is pretty OK, around 23-24 mpg, and straight highway driving is 32 mpg.


The trunk has quite a lot of usable space.