The most mass-produced motor vehicle in history. And I finally got to drive an almost-new one!

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A local powersports dealer had this 2019 Super Cub with just 80 miles on the clock, traded in by a guy who bought it and apparently decided very quickly that it wasn’t what he wanted, so he traded it toward a bigger, more powerful cruiser bike.

This thing is such a hoot. It’s so light with a center of gravity so low, it feels like a bicycle. I absolutely adore the aesthetics, between the underbone chassis, the fully-encased chain drive, stylish alloy/tubeless wheels, and the cigar-shaped muffler, it’s just the perfect blend of modern, classic, and elegant.


Not a lot of power, even with the updated 125cc fuel-injected but still air-cooled single cyl engine. It puts out around 8 horsepower. Enough to get up to 60 mph on a flat stretch, but it’s more comfortable at 45-50. Up steep grades don’t expect to maintain much over 35. And it gets friggin 130 real-world miles per gallon!

It’s also just the perfect size that an American-sized guy like me at 6'2" and 200 lbs doesn’t feel cramped on it, yet it’s still small enough to fit just about anywhere a bicycle would. And no clutch lever means it’s ideal for beginner motorcyclists who are intimidated by shifting and clutching in traffic.

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