Say hello to the Honda Juno M85.

This is a scooter, with a far-forward-mounted flat-twin (170 cc in the M85, 125 cc in the earlier M80), and a hydromechanical transmission (which, it appears, does power splitting without planetary gears, somehow effectively using the pumps as if they were planetary gears? - I don’t entirely understand the torque flow, though).

Now, you might be familiar with Honda’s later hydromechanical transmissions - the Hondamatics used on some ATVs, and the Human Friendly Transmission used on the DN-01. Here’s an overview of the TRX500's Hondamatic:

You may notice that there’s a computer-controlled shift actuator, though. Honda didn’t have that back in the 1960s.


So, this thing had a manual hydromechanical transmission. Basically, a manual power split CVT. A huge one, too, this is the engine and transmission - looks like that whole tunnel in the floor is full of transmission: