Honda, what are you doing...

EDIT: I decided to do some digging and I sorta found the differences...

I just learned that Honda makes the Clarity. They also make the Insight. Both of these cars are hybrids and seem to slot between the Accord and the Civic. The only real difference I can find besides bodywork is the Clarity seems to be a plug-in hybrid. Which... all hybrids should be plug-ins... but whatever.

Honda why.

EDIT: Maybe why?: The Clarity is similar in size to the Accord, but the Accord still has a hybrid version... BUT the Clarity also has a fuel-cell and electric-only version sold in specific places in California... enough of a difference?


the Insight is just a Hybrid Civic. The 10th gen Civic doesn’t have a Hybrid version anymore, so they made a new car for it for some reason that looks more like the Accord than the Civic. Ok I guess...




Anyone in the know understand why these are things?

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