Honda's AC is fixed!

AC on that car is COOOOLD. It also has a thermoswitch that cycles the compressor to keep the system from freezing up and I gotta say, the compressor is off more often than it is on. Then again it is a cool day today. The car does, however, idle like shit with the compressor on. The factory setup used a vacuum switch to move a little arm to increase the idle when the compressor was on. Since the Weber doesn’t have a provision for that, I’m going to have to figure out how to make it work.

Either way, now 3 of 5 cars have working AC, up from 1 of 5 earlier this week.

Didn’t take any pictures, so here are morning doggos for your time. Dog B likes to make sure we leave room for Jesus Dog B. Dog A would rather be in his bed rather than mine, but he knows I won’t leave him alone until he gives me snuggles.

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