Honda's issue with the Hatchback

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Honda seems to have some sort of prejudice against the hatchback body style in North America.


I recently checked their specs... you can get a 205HP SI in sedan and coupe form, but not in the hatch.

The hatch only comes with the 1.5L turbo. And in top trim, it still makes 10HP less than the same engine found in the CRV.


You can’t even get the regular 2L 4cyl.. which Honda does offer in the coupe and sedan.

And it has the highest base price of the 3 body styles.

And when you look at the Fit, it’s basically what the Honda Civic of the late 1980s and early 1990s was. The Fit would be an awesome candidate for a real Sport or SI model.


But no... the Fit ‘Sport’ gets nothing in the way of performance upgrades.

It’s like Honda North America is afraid to get back into having genuinely sporty hatchbacks... something they were one of the best at in the 1980s and up to the mid 1990s.

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