It’s not crazy to think that the last generation Civic could have done better than the TSX engine. The car was pretty much a letdown, and it was for one simple reason: Honda built the car for people that were never going to buy it anyway.

By 2012 turbos were already the hot thing for sport-compacts. The WRX had become mainstream, the Mazdaspeed 3 had proved its muscle, and the Focus ST was looming on the horizon. With no turbo engines in development and only the questionably received K23T in production, Honda did the only thing it could: used displacement for replacement. However, they had another option.

Coming off the FA5 and FG2 generation, the biggest complaint was the engines overall lack of shove and need to be wound out to make its power. However, what Honda needed for the next iteration of its Si nameplate was not the subdued “light jazz” of the K24. No, Honda needed something with the same soul and more Vigor. Honda needed a 5-Cylinder version of the K20, a K25 if you will.

A similarly high reviving K25 would have been easily capable of 240hp and over 170 ftlb of tq. The same torque figure, but significantly higher horsepower, with the same free-revving character. More importantly, it would have kept the Si on the tongue of real enthusiasts everywhere.


And that, that’s the thing...