I'm still very skeptical about the new 200, at least with the I-4 engine.

23 mpg city and 36 hwy with a 9 speed automatic and FWD isn't impressive when a 2015 Subaru Legacy is rated at 26 mpg city and 36 mpg highway with a CVT with 6 speed manual mode and AWD, and is also more likely to come close to it's fuel economy ratings.

It's the opposite with the 6-cylinder models, though. The 200 V6 is rated at up to 32 mpg highway, where as the H6 in the Legacy is only rated up to 29 mpg highway, but the Legacy is still more likely to come close to that, so the Legacy could still beat the 200 in real world driving.

It's a valiant effort by Chrysler, but you can't keep up in the midsize market if you can't even beat Subaru, let alone Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.