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Honestly..a bit disgusted by some members atm....

Not sure who to even go to about this, but I commented on a post somewheresaying a car was overrated, went on to say, yeah, its a great car, I wouldn't own one. Now a massive debate has started, but rather then anyone give a valid point other then "automatics are better for performance" everyone is just insulting, and assuming. I've gone on to say, yeah, I'd rather have a manual, as most Jalop's that I'm aware of, and thought for sure someone would agree that they'd rather have a bit of character with they're sports/super car, and honestly was mostly said just to have a bit of fun talking about how much we love cars, but nope, get insulted instead (car in question - GTR btw). I said in it, its a great car, yes, I'd love to drive one, but not to own one. I've been called a retard for not realizing automatics perform better (even though I know full well it does), a 12 year old (just..wow), been informed manuals don't give a bigger penis (once again, wow). All because I said its over hyped, and not the 'best' car like everyone sais it is. All of a sudden I'm called a fool, a retard, and small penis'd ? My 350Z gets insulted and people assume I've never been in a GTR without even asking? No valid point to give other then performance? I gave a opinion on a car, because I want more soul out of a car. And that's a right to attack me? Really? I know not everyone on here is like that, and most of you are awesome, but seriously disgusted right now with quite a few people on here. I'll joke about cars not being great, but in the end, I'm just glad we all love cars and can share that in common. You can make me love any car if you talk me into it, as long as it has a gas pedal and a engine. But offending me, my knowledge, my penis size, my car, all over assumptions made by yourself? ..Just...wow.. and rally Lancia to make myself feel better, and also, thank you to everyone commenting on my introduction post :) atleast someeeee people are willing to talk and learn about me rather then assume based of reading one sentence of a conversation.


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