Honesty is always the best policy

Wanna be the biggest Pimp in the flathead valley? Well boy do I have a deal for you.
This olds is on Hydraulics, yes you read that correctly. It’s on hydros
This thing is Kustom with a K. (That means it’s really custom).
I bought it for the cool factor but it’s just not for me.
It has a 260 v8 and runs incredibly well. Fires up right away and purrs like a kitten. (Just try not to look at the oil leaks and random wires everywhere).
The rear pumps and batteries could use a rewire before it burns to the ground from all the hydraulic fluid in the trunk. (Yes, it comes with a fire extinguisher).
The pump and battery rack should be welded to the frame for support.
Other than the majorly sketchy wiring, sketchy suspension, garbage interior and oil everywhere it’s a pretty fun car.
It has a clean notarized title and is ready to go. I lost the key but I think I might know where it is”


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