My wife was nice enough to spend part of her lunch yesterda to find out what mulch place near me that’s open Saturday has the best prices. There are 5 or 6 mulch places within 5 miles so it did take a few calls.

THEN she informs that on top of her usual Saturday morning of teaching swim lessons at the local YMCA she’s been asked to give a lesson to one of her friend’s son. She won’t be home till almost 5 she said. So, with the help of my 11yo son I got to spread two yards of mulch this morning.

The mulch place did have this for sale out front.

1961 F-600

Signs says it has 22,000miles, and they want $9500. It looks nice but that seems high for a heavy duty truck with a limited pool of interested buyers. I don’t know what engine it has, but I doubt it’s original because it’s been changed to an auto trans.