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"Honey, my tire light's on again"

Turned from a slow leak into a fast leak, it seems. TPMS light popped on a few weeks back, the left front was down to 30lbs, and it should have been 36. So I reset it, and forgot it. Then a couple days ago, the wife texts me that it's on again. She checked it, it was at 29lbs, and she filled it again. Then it happened again a day later.


So I pulled the wheel off in the cold garage in hopes to find a nail, or a TPMS sensor leaking.


The tire was caked with slush and snow, so I filled a bucket with warm water, shoveled off the unused patio so I had a place to pour it that I didn't have to worry about freezing over with a sheet of ice, and as soon as I started pouring, even with no soap (that was to come later if needed) I started seeing bubbles.

Near the sidewall.



One tiny little nail, too close to the sidewall to be properly repaired. And, to make matters worse, it's an 18" Bridgestone. Not the cheapest tire in the world. Yeah, I could throw on any old tire but the CX-9 is AWD, and the tires still have 9/32nds of tread. I might as well fix it right, and get the proper tire.

But in the mean time....


Dug out the space saver spare. Which was damn near flat. Good thing she didn't loose the tire out on the highway somewhere. It seemed to stop leaking around the 29/30psi mark, so she was always able to get to work/school/home.

Question to manufacturers: Why do you always seem to place the spare tire in a way where the valve stem is near impossible to reach without removing the tire? That makes NO ONE want to check it, so they always seem to go flat over time. So when you do intend to use it, you cannot safely. This thing has a recommended inflation pressure of 60PSI. My gauge barely read 10.


But all's well that ends well. Put the spare on, aired it up, and brought the offending flat tire and wheel with me to work where I might just have a replacement for it. Or I can easily order one. Soon as I have a moment to get away from work and have some personal time, that is.

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