I'm going to be graduating college in three more semesters and I'm having a hard decision. I can't decide if I want to teach in hong kong or japan. I've never been to either place however I know a bit about each of their cultures, though less about hong kong.

Now I have no rose color ideas of Japan, I dislike the extreme work culture there. They are not the most receptive to outsiders. However it's a beautiful country that's really weird. Also ironically enough torrenting anime in japan is actually really dangerous due to heavy enforcement there. However I like Japanese culture's other things like the festivals and the strangeness of it. However I think what really keeps me hesitant about it is that I know I would always be an outsider and never part of the in group, which is kinda depressing.

Then there's hong kong which I know less about but it seems like a really cool place that's a bit more open to outsiders (twin charged you're more than welcome to tell me if I'm wrong about anything.) The pay in hong kong is also better ($2000 a month allowance for rent and $3000 a month for your actual pay.)

The main reason I'm kind of stressing over it now is because I want to learn to roughly speak it before I go over there. I mean it would be kind of hypocritical for me to try and teach them my language if I didn't atleast know some of theirs.