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Hoonigan’s Best Videos of 2018

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This was a huge year for the automotive content powerhouse known as Hoonigan. With over 2,000,000 YouTube subscribers, hundreds of videos with millions of collective views, and their newly released Twitch stream the content just keeps coming.


In 2017, I released my Hoonigan Daily Transmission Best of 2017 list. I do not believe anyone has written more on the internet about Hoonigan than me and I cannot exactly write a “Daily Transmission Best of” for 2018. Why can’t I? Well, part of the way through 2018, Hoonigan rebranded its popular Daily Transmission series into a YouTube show format for better organization through the week and to allow fans who like a certain type of content they produce to tune in on specific days.

So for 2018 I will simply pick the best videos Hoonigan offered in 2018 across all of their shows and specials.


Before I get into my list I want to talk about Gymkhana TEN. Gymkhana TEN is not on my list, sacrilege? No. Gymkhana TEN is simply its own powerhouse in my opinion. With over 10 Million views as of writing this it is the “Thanos of 2018 Car Content”. If you somehow are not one of the 10 Million people who have seen it check it out and also check out The Gymkhana Files on Amazon Video.

To get the list check out my piece on Right Foot Down.

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