Less than a week after the last snow (in which I did my first donuts), we got another inch or two in Portland last night. So, I went out first thing in the morning to try to find some untouched parking lots and give it another crack.

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Unfortunately, there were a decent amount of people on the roads, and security was out and about everywhere, so I only managed to do a couple. But I wanted to ask y’all for some advice on technique.

The first time out, I would just turn the wheel left and keep it there even after I started sliding. This pretty much only let me spin the back around while the front end rotated in place. This time, I tried to get the wheels pointing in the same direction I’m going so the front end would actually move so I could do some donuts with some radius to them.


I did this by letting go of the wheel after traction broke, and then grabbing it once it had rotated to where it wanted to. My thinking is it would rotate to the point where friction against travel would be minimized, but I’m not sure about that because I still couldn’t keep the front end moving. Pretty shortly, it would stop, and then I would just be swinging the back around again. It probably doesn’t help either that I couldn’t find a lot with more than ~50ft between raised islands, so I couldn’t build up much momentum.

Is there a trick for figuring out where to point the wheel to keep the front end turning? Or do I just need to practice until I can get the hang of it?


Hopefully everything freezes up nicely later today, we get a little more snow, and I can go back out at night when everything will be closed and security won’t be on the prowl.

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