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Hoopties/Beaters/Should Have Been Junked Already

I see a TON of clapped out cars around here. Most of them are barely running. Not really rusty, since it doesn't snow that much here in Kentucky. But I have seen some sad, sad automobiles. What's the most common beat up car in your area? There are three models that immediately come to mind for me.

1. Pre-2008 Ford Taurus: The 2008 and newer Tauruses are mostly old people cars, so they tend to be well cared for. But the rental-car spec older models? Often seen nearly dragging the ground with trunks full of garbage and three or more dirty kids fighting in the backseat.

2. J-Body (Chevrolet Cavalier/Pontiac Sunfire): It used to be the L-Body (Chevrolet Beretta/Corsica), but most of those have gone to the junkyard long before now. These days, I see plenty of dented and scraped Js. Some are so poorly maintained that they clatter like diesels.


3. Dodge/Plymouth Neon: I think this one is obvious. These are like cockroaches. They'll be around long after the apocalypse. My friend owned one from age 16 to age 21. She changed the oil once during that time. And it still runs to this day.

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