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Hooray for Space Heaters

I grew up in a house that was just younger than my parents’ marriage by a few years (late 1970s). As such, one of the things that I didn’t realize was so effective was the HVAC system in that relatively-new house, especially until I bought my own house, which is almost as old as my parents themselves (context!). So while it was new enough for central air rather than a radiant heat system, I suspect the designers didn’t quite have the insulation and HVAC ratios quite figured out, at least not for the Midwest, which experiences all four seasons, sometimes all in one day. The previous owners attempted to improve that with a newer system, but I suspect at was as much for efficiency in running costs as it was an update. As a result, I’ve spent the few years I’ve owned the place figuring out how to overcome the HVAC system’s shortcomings, which usually requires fans and space heaters, depending on the season.

This morning it was literally almost freezing in the bathroom, which shares its long wall with the back of the house. I believe the only insulation between the inside of the bathroom and the outdoors is the tile walls, some plaster, and the brick exterior (not including the window). Thankfully, there’s a space heater in there, but I keep it as far away from anything potentially flammable or wet as I can get it, so it takes a while to be effective. What’s particularly silly about that bathroom being so cold is that it’s almost directly above the furnace/fan unit in the basement and has the shortest ducting in the entire house, but it barely seems to get any air (and no, it’s not blocked).


Long story short: I may be buying a heated toilet seat soon.

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