Took the Jaaaaaag to Costco to get the tires put on. It did not go well.

The first time they called me it was to let me know one lug nut was ballooned and the another was so tight they weren’t sure they would be able to get it off. They needed permission to try but with the caveat they couldn’t guarantee success.


I gave them leave to apply as many unga dungas as it would take.

One came loose. The other rounded.


So they slapped new rubber on the back and sent me home. And by “home” I of course mean Harbor Freight to buy a 1/2 drive 12-point 18mm socket.


And a hammer.*

*Just kidding. I already had the hammer.

Lots of wailing on it later, the socket and lug nut were fused. Lot of grunting later, the lug nut consented to leave the vehicle and after some “gentle” taps with a punch, it also was convinced to leave the socket.


Waiting for traffic to clear up before I head back, then it is to the alignment shop tomorrow morning and hopefully I have a happy kitty.

Illustration for article titled Hooray for stock/stuck lug nuts!

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