My upstairs neighbor is an ass. Hit on my girlfriend in the laundry room, constantly locks the building's front door in the middle of the day, and wastes parking with his 4Runner. Wastes parking you say? Well, the building I'm in only has off-street parking for the two basement apartments in the back of the building. The other four apartments have to park on the street, which does not have marked parking bays, in front of the building with the rest of the street's residents. Now, normally this isn't a problem. Depending on who has the day off work and who goes to the bars at quitting time, the spots move around a bit, but I had no problems finding a spot right next to the building, and everyone parked close enough to ensure maximum capacity without blocking anyone in. The worst that happens is that one would have to reverse while turning, pull forward turning into the street a bit, then reverse turn again before finally going about their business. Not particularly troubling or hard.

Then this fucker and his third-gen 4Runner move into the building, and suddenly parking goes to shit because he loves to park with too much space around him. If there's a spot big enough for two cars, he parks his 4Runner squarely in the middle, leaving enough room in front and behind his truck to place a dumpster at both ends but not enough for even a 500 to park in. Mild inconvenience having to park further away, but everyone deals with it.

Today I get in my car (parked in front of him) and notice a note under my wiper blades. Pull it out, and though it's not signed, I know it's Fucker Mc4Runner because it states that if I don't leave more than 6" of space to the car behind me (his), I _will_ get rearended. Sounds threatening now, but in the morning rush/haze I just took it as a friendly-if-annoying PSA and put it on his truck's windshield before getting back in my car and setting off.

I was a bit late, so I didn't think to get a picture of the note or the park job, and only when I was already on the highway did it hit me that the note could be read as a threat. I called up my girlfriend and she saved the note for future reference. As for the parkjob, I know it was more than 6 inches for two reasons: When I parked, I used the backup camera's guides to aid my judgement, and parked with the yellow indicators (12 inches distance from the car) just about to touch his 4Runner; and when I went to get in my car this morning, I walked between his 4Runner and my Dart and didn't have to squeeze through. My legs are more than 6" wide in any dimension. There was plenty of space. My girlfriend also noted that the car parked behind his was parked closer than mine, but the other guy got no note.


Can't do anything about it since the street has no marked parking bays and the landlords don't do shit, so I'm just saving the note for later and looking further into buying a house and getting out of this shithole building.